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Boris Johnson devises a massive test plan for residences, hospitals and factories


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has presented this Monday a series of opening measures to stop the spread of the pandemic and detect infections before the Christmas holidays that are a short month away. Massive tests with two weekly tests for people in residences, their visitors and health personnel, are some of the most outstanding.

He has also announced that the lockdown will end on the day December 2nd, thus returning the powers to the different regions again, but with the difference that the established measures will be harsher. The plan puts the focus on nursing homes for the elderly restricting visits to a maximum of two people,

"The Government undertakes for Christmas to guarantee two weekly tests that allow residents in residences to receive regular visits of up to two people" thus emphasizing the security of the centers, "if a visitor has a negative test, wears protective equipment and continues the rules, you can have physical contact with your loved one. "

In addition, other sectors such as prisons, social care, vaccine researchers or food producers will be carried out a weekly test. "The Government will continue to test rapid tests in colleges and universities and will roll out rapid tests for specific events. This includes testing university students before they travel for Christmas, starting from November 30", emphasizes the plan. The objective of all these measures is to facilitate the creation of a kind of" social "bubbles for a reduced number of days", without forgetting the "caution" that continues to be more than necessary in the face of the persistent risk of contagion .

Families will be able to meet on December 22 and 28, and with a "system of local restrictions that will help keep the virus under control" it is intended to have the virus under control this Christmas that is so atypical.


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