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All eyes on AstraZeneca: How effective will your vaccine be and when will it tell?


AstraZeneca is under pressure following announcements made by competitors Pfizer Y Modern about the vaccines against Covid-19 that they prepare. All eyes are now on the British pharmacist, which together with the University of Oxford is continuing with the clinical trial. The problem is that although he has recently said that he is making progress, he has not yet given concrete figures. How effective will your vaccine be and when will you tell?

That is the question that experts have been asking the most for days and, above all, the one asked by the United Kingdom, which is the one that has bet most strongly on the AztraZeneca / Oxford vaccine. The news from Pfizer and Moderna (claim that their vaccines have an efficacy of the 90% and from 94.5%, respectively) are a good omen of what this laboratory can announce, considering, furthermore, that Russian Sputnik V also has an efficacy of 92%.

The results of the AstraZeneca vaccine trial could be known at any time, some analysts note, though the wait is getting long for the British Governmentas it is your 'winning horse'. Although Boris Johnson's cabinet has a diverse portfolio of seven vaccines, it should be remembered that he has agreed to purchase 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine, compared to 40 million for the Pfizer vaccine or 5 million for the Moderna candidate. .

About the AstraZeneca vaccine, the only thing that is known is that unlike Moderna's, it is expected to be ready for distribution this winter, and, unlike the Pfizer vaccine, it is hoped that it will not have to be stored at the complicated -80 degrees Celsius temperature (which adds logistical complications for your transport), but between 2 and 8 degrees.

A source from the British Department of Health and Social Care has said that the results of the Oxford vaccine trials are "imminent" and could be one of the first to be released. That is why all eyes are on the pharmaceuticals, and that is once their results are published then "The debate on the launch of the vaccine will really begin", as the London press highlights.

Especially since the news about vaccines is coming at a critical time for Europe and the United States, which are once again looking into the abyss before the incessant increase in infections.

The problem is that the global battle to secure possible supplies is far from over, but it has set off alarms about the equitable access to the vaccineWhile doubts remain about logistics, distribution and, perhaps most importantly, the cost of the coronavirus remedy.

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