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Moderna's vaccine shoots its ally in Europe, Rovi, and sinks its rival, BioNTech


Modern and its coronavirus vaccine, which claims to be 94.5% effective, are shaking markets. The news gives wings to its ally in the Old Continent, Rovi Laboratories (+ 8%), and weighs down one of his biggest rivals in the race to face Covid, BioNTech (-8%).

This confirms Rovi's best forecasts. The Spanish listed company confirmed at a press conference on October 20 that it would participate in the final manufacturing phase of Moderna's vaccine for Europe.

From Rovi they also pointed out that said vaccine would require a double dose that, despite being an inconvenience for the average citizen, presents a great opportunity to do business for the manufacturers of the same. "So we will double production," he said then Javier López-Belmonte Encina, Vice President of Rovi.

In addition, "if unfortunately it is confirmed, we will have to be vaccinated on a recurring, annual basis," he added. Especially those most exposed to the virus, such as the oldest. In this sense, Moderna reiterated on Monday its plan to distribute 20 million doses in the US before the end of the year and between 500 and 1 billion doses worldwide by 2021.

It should be remembered that Rovi showed his chest in the aforementioned press appearance, ensuring that "Capacity will not be a bottleneck because we can manufacture and market millions of doses". In addition, if there is an excess demand, the pharmaceutical company stressed that it can make another line available to the manufacturer to be able to meet all market requests.

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