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Moderna affirms that its vaccine against Covid has an efficacy of 94.5%


Modern (+ 9.55%) up the ante. The American pharmaceutical company has assured this Monday that its vaccine against Covid has an efficiency of 94.5%, more than 90% of Pfizer and that 92% of the Russian candidate.

This percentage is the result of the test launched by Modern Among 30,000 volunteers, half have received a salt water injection as a placebo, and the other half have been injected with the real vaccine.

According to statements to El País by the technical director of Moderna, Juan AndrewIts vaccine requires two doses spaced 28 days apart and, at least in the US, it will have a price of about 25 dollars (21 euros to change) for each injection. "The most important thing is that only 11 of the 95 people who fell ill did so with a serious form, with hospitalization and breathing problems. And all 11 were on the placebo. This we did not expect even in our dreams," he acknowledges.

Moderna's roadmap now involves requesting the emergency use of its vaccine from the US authorities in the coming weeks, a country in which it intends to distribute 20 million doses before the end of the year. By 2021, the company with which the Spanish listed company collaborates Rovi In the final phase of its vaccine, it aims to manufacture between 500 and 1 billion doses.

This announcement is already being noticed on the floor. Rovi shoots up 9% in the heat of its alliance with Moderna and, on the other hand, BioNTech drops 8% due to its association with the vaccine Pfizer, which at the moment is perceived as the losing horse in this great race.

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