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Wall Street anticipates a rebound to sign a week as volatile as it is winning


Wall street anticipates a rebound to end a volatile week, but one of gains, all in all. The 'vaccine effect' continues to wane while waiting for new news, and Disney (+ 4%) stands out this Friday as the protagonist after beating expectations with its quarterly results.

"This week has been positive thanks to the vaccine, and that changes the rules of the game", recognize the experts of JP Morgan. "It has allowed the markets to look beyond the recent upsurges towards the reopening of the economy," they add.

In terms of monetary policy, this Thursday Fed Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that the US economic outlook remains uncertain: "The next few months may continue to be challenging." "We have to do more, the (US) Congress should do more." So far the United States has not seen the worst and therefore more needs to be done in terms of monetary and fiscal policy, "emphasized the central banker.

Returning to the business front, the US has finally reversed Trump's order to shut down TikTok, which is waiting to know what will be the decision of the President-elect Administration, Joe Biden.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex It rests on Naturgy and its banks to go up to 7,800 points. Finally, in Asia, the bags have closed mixed between the regrowth and the results of Tencent, which have passed the consensus.

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