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The SEPE denies the delays in the collection and says that "there are no ERTE pending payment"


"There are no Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) pending payment." These are the words of the general director of the Public State Employment Service (SEPE), Gerardo Gutiérrez, who assures that, to this day, "all requests are recognized".

During an interview this Friday on RTVE, he explained that "there are no pending collective requests", "what does happen, as is normal, is that those new ERTE must be previously approved by the Labor Authority of the CCAA, and that's what they are ".

Gutiérrez does emphasize that the workload has been multiplied by six in recent months due to the flood of requests for benefits as a result of the crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, so "the slowdown at any given time is normal."

But nevertheless, "there are no delays in the SEPE, in the Labor Authority there may be some delay, "he acknowledges.

The SEPE director general's comments come after a few days in which information has reappeared about the chaos that these offices have been registering practically since the beginning of the pandemic and that the ERTE extensions have fueled.

In fact, thousands of affected claim that they have stayed without receiving the benefit. Even many people who had been receiving the payment correctly have found that they have not been paid the corresponding amount for October, something that the managers attribute to a change without notice in the new request that all companies had to submit.

The CSIF union considers that the overtime authorized for the SEPE "are not enough" to face the current workload, with which they demand the immediate publication of an extraordinary Public Employment Offer as well as the establishment in this body of the voluntary afternoon shift.

According to their calculations, in the last two weeks the SEPE staff has had to take over the processing of about 150,000 new ERTE, which affect more than 720,000 workers, along with the rest of the services managed by the organization. And it is that, as the lawyers of Legálitas affirm, the procedures to be able to receive payment of unemployment or retirement are being done until 90 days late.

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