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The judge forces Fernández Díaz to hand over his mobile phone to register it


This Friday, the judge's resolution forcing Fernández Diaz, former Interior Minister, to hand over his old mobile phone was announced.

Today they have sympathized in the National Court two involved in the Kitchen case, Férnandez Diaz, former Minister of the Interior, and Fernando Martínez, his number two. Operation Kitchen was a maneuver to spy on Luis Bárcenas and steal compromising documents from the Popular Party.

In the act held at the National Court and governed by Judge García Castellón, head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6, a tense atmosphere. Both politicians have maintained a stubborn attitude, rejecting truthfulness of the alleged SMS messages.

The former minister has reiterated not making any calls or knowing anything about the operation. For his part, Martínez has accused him of lying: "You called me every day."

Due to the doubtful veracity of the facts, the judge has requested the delivery of such messages. However, the former minister had already warned of changing the telephone number on more than one occasion since 2013.

The corroboration of the messages is "essential" for the trial of the operation, Judge García Castellón has defended. For this reason, we proceed to “require the investigated Jorge Fernández Díaz for the andDelivery of your old mobile phone device the one he uses today ”. The WhatsApp messages that Martínez consigned before a notary would prove whether or not the former minister was aware of Operation Kitchen.

The judge has defended that “it cannot be practiced in any other way than by delivering the device, proceeding to the registration of it”. In the event that Martínez refuses this decision of the judge "could incur responsibilities for concealment or destruction of judicial effects"


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