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The Ibex rises 0.75% thanks to the push from Naturgy and the bank, but does not reach 7,800


The Ibex reaffirms itself in the green at the end of the week, but fails to finish Friday's session above 7,800 points. It rises 0.75% and stands at 7,783.7 points, driven by Naturgy, which has announced the sale of its electricity networks in Chile, and banks. The selective Spanish has managed to recover these days after the rise of 8% carried out on Monday by the good news about the vaccine against Covid.

Specifically, Naturgy has ended with profits of 7.77%, while the main banks have managed to rise around 2.5%. Solaria (-4.18%) and Cellnex (-2.31%) were placed on the opposite side.

Wall Street is also trading positive after falling 1% yesterday on average and Asia has experienced a day with a clear predominance of declines. Donald trump it has banned investing in Chinese companies that the US considers to be collaborating with the Chinese military. The decision prevents Americans from buying shares in these types of companies. The veto on purchases takes effect on January 11. Now it will be necessary to see if Joe Biden applies this law or repeals it.

On the other hand, this Friday 'The Wall Street Journal' publishes that it was the Chinese president himself, Xi Jinping, the one who ordered the suspension, a day earlier, of And Group's IPO. In addition, the US is reversing and will void Trump's order to shut down TikTok.

Investors are also aware this Friday of the evolution of the coronavirus, especially in the United States, as new daily cases of the virus continue to increase in the country, setting new records. The president of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell, said this Thursday in the framework of the central bankers meeting what "the next few months could be difficult" despite the recent developments in regards to the vaccine.

"From our point of view, it is too ponderous to confidently assess the implications of the news for the economyEspecially in the short term, "Powell said of the vaccine.

In the United States, New York could consider the possible closure of its schools, while the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, announced the publication of the notice of stay at home for all Chicago residents for a period of 30 days, asking everyone to cancel their Thanksgiving plans and stay home except to work, go to school or buy food.

"This late-day US announcement accelerated market weakness, increasing the declines at the close and returning money to the bond market, as well as to the US dollar and gold, "says Michael Hewson, director of analysis at CMC Markets.

"Despite all the optimism about the vaccine, the reality is that Pfizer's announcement has not been able to put an end to what is currently happening across Europe as well as in the US, in terms of a sharp increase in rates of coronavirus infection, hospitalizations and, ultimately, a sharp rise in mortality rates, "he adds.

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