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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Santander, Meliá, Amadeus, Almirall, Danone, BMW and BP


Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Meliá Hotels, BMW, BP, Danone, Telefónica, Santander, Amadeus and Almirall.

Good Morning! I am a young man who has just started in the world of investments and since I discovered Bolsamanía it is practically the only website that I follow. Getting to the point, what is your opinion of Meliá Hotels in both the long and short term? A greeting. P.R.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Meliá Hotels we analyze it this Thursday (You can read it here). That said, it is true that the weekly candle that is drawing us, in line with all those companies related to tourism, invites optimism. The volume has been very high and at least in the last corrective section this has not marked a new decreasing low, which is no small thing. Now it remains to be seen if it will soon be able to close / cancel the bearish gap in mid-March at 5.46 euros. If closed we will have the first sign of strength not seen in a long time. We go little by little, step by step. The sensations are not bad to say. A greeting.

Meliá Hotels weekly chart

Good Morning. I entered BMW by exceeding 62.40 euros and activating a small double bottom with a target of 70.95 euros. Since then rising highs and lows. I sold 50% of the position at 65.34 euros. What strategy do I have to follow for the 50% that I still have? Thanks a lot. P.MM.

Dear investor, good afternoon. For the time being, it would hold 50% of the position in BMW waiting for the important resistance zone to attack around 77 euros, which is where the downward guideline of the last five years passes, also coinciding with the highs of December 2019 and origin of the last corrective stretch . It goes without saying that exceeding this guideline, with ease and in weekly candles, would be an important sign of strength for the title in terms of medium term. Thanks to you, greetings.

BMW weekly chart

Good morning, I would be interested in joining BP in the long term. Could you give me your opinion? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful comments. P.

Dear reader, good afternoon. BP it is clearly bearish despite how much it has risen this week. This title has fallen a lot and is still immersed in a clear background downtrend. Resistance has many important ones. The decreasing highs and lows are still there, intact. And so an uptrend is not built. It is true that the weekly oversold shows extreme readings and hence the ongoing rebound, but we do not have a return figure. We also find a very important resistance, and nothing operative as it is so far from the current price, in the weekly bearish gap in March at 395 pence. In short, I do believe that the rebound may continue, but I do not see a change in the downward trend in the background. Above all, because the oil sector is very affected globally. What does not take away so that we have strong rebounds against trend (reaction phases). Thanks to you, greetings.

BP weekly chart

Good morning, José María. Congratulations on this section, of which I am a faithful follower. I would like you to analyze the Danone chart as I have a few stocks. Do you think it is a good time to increase positions? Best regards. J.I.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Last week's weekly candle of Danone she was ugly, let's not kid ourselves. But this week's let's say it neutralizes it in some way. So we can see how the stock is trying to regain the bullish guideline that joins each and every one of the rising lows since 2000. The monthly oversold shows extreme readings similar to that of the 2009 crisis. And since then not. stopped climbing. I mean by this that Danone is at this moment an interesting value in terms of medium and long term. Furthermore, despite the recent falls, we are talking about a value that is bullish in the long term in the sense that it continues to present long-term rising lows and highs. Thank you very much, greetings.

Danone monthly chart

Hello, Mr. Rodríguez. Could you analyze to enter right now Telefónica, Santander and Amadeus? How do you see them in the very short term? Thank you very much for your analysis. J.A.

Dear investor, good afternoon. We have analyzed the first two this week. Telephone it continues to struggle to overcome the important resistance (previously support) that it has at the March lows. Above, there are no significant resistances until the area of ​​4.80-4.90 euros: weekly downward gap in March and highs in June. As support we have the annual minimums at 2.71 euros. All in all, and despite the significant rise in the stock during the week, in line with the entire market, the truth is that it is one of the weakest stocks in our market. Here everything remains the same: impeccable maximums and decreasing minimums and thus it does not go up. There is a lot of fabric to cut in this title to be able to see it with different eyes.

Telefónica weekly chart

As to Santander, seems to have headed for the important resistance zone of 2.55-2.60 euros (2016 lows and June highs). This is the first real resistance. Somehow it is a clear keep for us in the sense that when he was in the area of the 1.50 euros We argue actively and passively that, if we had to try to rise in this title, it was right there, in the middle of the support zone, coinciding with the lows of 1998 and 2002.

Telefónica weekly chart

Finally, regarding AmadeusIts appearance denotes greater strength than Telefónica or Santander. In fact, it is possible that this Friday close (annul) the weekly downward gap in March, at 55.94 euros. Closing it would be a clear sign of strength not seen in the title in a long time. It is together with Aena of the values ​​of the tourism sector that are stronger than the rest. Thanks to you, greetings.

Amadeus weekly chart

Good morning, José María. Nice to meet you. I wanted to ask you if I could analyze Almirall's stock. I read a few weeks ago an article of yours about the good aspect of this title and I jumped in the pool. How do you keep seeing it? Thank you very much for all your contributions, they help us a lot. Greetings. I.PD.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Well, I still see it the same. The long-term chart of Almirall nothing has changed. The price continues to respect at all times what is the bullish background, or primary, guideline. And at no time has the important support that it has at the March lows (8.60) been pierced. Therefore, there is no reason to sell this title. On the contrary, it gives the feeling of wanting to restructure upwards again from here. It's a clear keep / add in portfolio. Thanks to you, greetings.

Almirall monthly chart

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