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Sabadell: above the September highs would confirm a double bottom


It is still early to launch the bells to the flight, but little by little it seems that the graph of the Sabadell titles begins to clear, which is no small thing.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

Much less do we have any confirmation that the titles of Sabadell have built a market floor. However, the graph is cleaning up little by little, which is no small thing. The medium and long-term trend remains intact, there is no doubt about that. But there is significant support at the historical lows (0.25). Especially since at this price level we have double support, which is not the same as a double floor. Which means that to the extent that the 0.25 euro support is not pierced, we can try it on the long or bullish side in the titles of the Catalan entity. And furthermore, above the resistance of September highs (0.42) would be confirming a double bottom of bullish implications, with a first objective of rise in the great resistance that it presents in the weekly bearish gap in March at 0.6665 euros. The equivalent of the weekly bearish gap of 8,375 points on the Ibex.

Sabadell daily chart

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