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Illa prepares a mass vaccination and will buy more doses than necessary


The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has assured that the Executive will not put limits when purchasing vaccines and that more will be bought than necessary because "we want to be safe". The remaining doses will be donated to countries that need it following "an exercise in solidarity." The criteria to establish the distribution of these by territories have not yet been decided, but they have ensured that they will be the same for all of Europe.

At the XXV S’Agaró Economy Meeting, in Barcelona, ​​the Minister of Health announced a vaccination campaign for the next few months. The objective is stop the new wave of Covid-19 infections. Thus, the new strategy by the Government consists of mass vaccination, a sanitary tactic that has been requested for a long time by health professionals.

On the other hand, the minister has positioned himself against sectors that deny and oppose vaccination. “There is and will continue to be a lot of noise with vaccines. If someone wants to continue questioning that the Earth is not flat or that man has reached the Moon, let them do so, but anti-scientific attitudes are intolerable because they lie. Vaccines save lives, it is more than proven, "he argued."

"Vaccination is nothing new in Spain," said Illa. The politician has defended the government's new strategy and pointed out the need for a vaccination record in all Spain.

The minister wanted to refer to the solidarity produced by the pandemic that has made "review the excessive individualism of Western society" created in this way "a solidarity wanted or forced ". "If everyone said they are not going to be vaccinated, we would not get out of this," he stressed.


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