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Congress gives free rein for the 2021 Budgets to continue to be processed


Congress has given a free pass on Thursday to continue the processing of the General State Budgets for 2021 by rejecting the seven total amendments tabled by the parliamentary groups. Finally, the Government has gathered the support of Ciudadanos, ERC and Bildu. After two days of debate, the amendments presented by PP, VOX, JxCAT, CC, Foro Asturias, BNG and the CUP have been rejected in a joint vote by 198 votes against and 150 votes in favor, without any abstention.

Specifically, 198 deputies from PSOE, United We Can, ERC, Ciudadanos, the PNV, Bildu, PDeCAT, Más País-Equo, Compromís, the PRC, Nueva Canarias and Teruel Existe have overturned the amendments supported by 150 votes from the PP, Vox, Junts, CUP, BNG, Canary Coalition, UPN and Asturias Forum.

The seven amendments to the whole, although based on disparate reasons, have been voted on in one go, since they all demanded the same thing: the return of the Budget project to the Government. The vote has put an end to two days of parliamentary debates that started this Wednesday at noon with the presentation of the project by art of the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero.

Unlike what happened in January 2019, when the Budgets that the PSOE Government had agreed with Podemos were overthrown by the opposition in the first vote, causing the calling of the elections on April 28 of that year, now the two partners have made sure to pass this vote with a comfortable majority, even higher than that of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

Yes, this vote only guarantees the processing of the Budgets and now the PSOE and United We Can must seal agreements to ensure that the project ends up approved by the Cortes Generales. In fact, after overcoming this entire debate, the Budgets project will be analyzed in a presentation (behind closed doors) and in the corresponding committee to debate the partial amendments presented by the groups.

The final phase will take place in the plenary session of the Congress on the week of November 30, where each of the sections of the Budgets will be debated and voted on. There the Government needs a stable majority to overcome all the votes since there is no joint vote, but the rejection of the accounts of a ministry causes the demolition of the entire project.

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