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Abengoa now gives Andalusia until November 17 to close its rescue


Abengoa again lengthens the terms of your rescue. The Sevillian has announced through a relevant event sent to the CNMV that now the Junta de Andalucía has until November 17 to carry it out, instead of November 12, as planned.

"The company reiterates that this new delay significantly impairs the business continuity of Abengoa Abenewco 1, S.A. and its group, which are limited in their possibilities to access new contracts and to comply with their current obligations, with which the delay in closing must come to an end ", explains in his statement.

"Therefore, if it arrives on November 17, 2020, there is no certainty as to the possibility of proceeding with said closure in the following days, the Board of Directors of Abengoa Abenewco 1, SA, taking into account that the viability The group will be seriously compromised and, in accordance with its fiduciary duties, will make the decisions that correspond to it, in accordance with its fiduciary duties, to protect the interests of Abengoa Abenewco 1, SA and of all its stakeholders ", he concludes.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the Sevillian extends the term of her rescue. At first, it was scheduled to take place, as a deadline, on November 6. Subsequently, the group extended the deadline until November 12, and now, until November 17. Will the Andalusian lifeguard end up arriving?


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