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Wall Street does not finish catching the 'vaccine effect' and closes with a mixed sign


Wall street has closed the session of this Wednesday with mixed sign. The Nasdaq, due to the weight of technology over the selective, was the 'ugly duckling' of the US stock exchanges this Tuesday before the great rotation that is taking place in the portfolios. However, the 'vaccine effect' has encouraged the three major indices for much of the session, in fact, only the Dow Jones closed with slight decreases (-0.07%)

Investors are migrating from more 'big tech' stocks to more cyclical ones, thus betting on the recovery of the economy with Pfizer's vaccine against the coronavirus when falling.

"The rotation towards more cyclical stocks, small caps and international stocks has strengthened for the second consecutive session," he says. Jim Paulsen, from Leuthold Group, in CNBC. "Since the announcement of the vaccine, investors have launched into the sale of 'stay at home' shares to buy others more associated with the reopening of the economy," he added.

In this sense, only in Wall street the energy sector accumulates a rally of 17% so far this week thanks to the rebound in oil due to an improvement in demand. Banks are not far behind either, rising 9% from this Monday.

Pfizer is still in the news, although this Wednesday is not so much for its vaccine as for the last stock movements of its CEO. Albert Bourla took advantage of the surge in the price of the pharmaceutical company on Monday to sell 62% of its shares worth 5.6 million dollars.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex it also continues to party and bounces more than 20% in eight sessions. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have closed with a mixed sign, weighed down by Hong Kong and the correction of its technology after the announcement of more regulation in the region.

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