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Siemens Gamesa and two more securities that have managed to overcome resistance this Wednesday


Be careful that the selective Spanish could take a break

Technical analysis

Important gains of 7.20 in SiemensGamesa that manages to pierce the resistance of 26.47 euros at the close. Its technical prospects are very good and everything seems to indicate that we could end up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 28 euros. It is certainly a value to take into account in the next few days.

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New increases of 1.97% in the BBVA that manages to rise above the average of 200 sessions overcoming the resistance of 3 euros. In the short term, it is likely that we could end up seeing an attack at the 3.37 euro level.

Notable gains of 16.15% in NH Hotels that manages to overcome the resistance of 2.70 euros. The value faces the average of 200 sessions. Be aware that if you manage to exceed this average, we could end up seeing an extension of the profits to the level of 4 euros.


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