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Paxful has announced its expansion to Brazil


With a press release yesterday, Paxful, one of the leading platforms for buying and selling bitcoin, announced its expansion to Brazil and hiring a dedicated country manager to further develop the project in South America.

Paxful is one of the most used platforms on the African continent and allows trade Bitcoin (BTC) with many different payment solutions: more than 300 payment methods.

They have also recently integrated the Brazilian Real linked to the BRZ token and this had already anticipated that expansion in the country would be the next step.

So, to better manage the platform community in Brazil, Paxful decided to hire a local country manager, Lucas Ferreira.

Ferreira has experience in the world of cryptocurrencies and lives in Latin America, so this will give him a more focused scope for the development of Paxful in Brazil.

Requirements change from country to country and the people who live there don't see the changes uniformly.

Lucas Ferreira said:

“From money transfers, online shopping, investing, and preservation of wealth, cryptocurrencies have infinite potential to address financial inequality. I am proud to join such a progressive company that uses cryptocurrencies to bring about lasting change in people's lives. Together with Paxful, I hope to take the adoption of crypto in the country to the next level and help more Brazilians to take control of their finances and the future ”.

Paxful: growing numbers in Brazil

Paxful, within the Brazilian territory, has registered a increase of 170% in growth and more than one 150% more transactions made in the countryFigures that are destined to increase in the future as the platform keeps costs low compared to traditional methods.

Paxful will not only have a Country Manager in Brazil, but also a regional team to provide all the necessary support to users, as mentioned by the CEO of Paxful, Ray youssef:

“Paxful is excited to invest in the Latin American region. With the new country manager and a dedicated team on the horizon, we hope to better address local needs and provide more Brazilians with access to financial services. We see great potential in the country and now is the time for the Brazilians to receive all the support we can give. The country is going through tough economic times and cryptocurrencies are a perfect way to make a real difference for people. "

Paxful debit card

Paxful's new features seem endless, as a cryptocurrency debit card was also recently launched, so users will be able to spend their crypto assets more easily. This only confirms what the Paxful CEO said in a recent interview, in which he explained that sooner or later the banks will have to enter the cryptocurrency market.

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