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New chaos in the SEPE: thousands of people affected remain unpaid after the ERTE is extended


Since they were launched due to the cessation of activity and the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Records of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) They have not stopped being involved in controversy due to errors and delays in their collection. Now, with the entry into force of a new extension, the problems have returned, and it is that thousands of affected have been left without receiving the benefit from the Public Employment Service (SEPE). Moreover, many people who had been receiving the payment correctly have found that they have not been paid the corresponding amount for October, something that the managers attribute to a change without notice in the new application that all companies had to present.

Thus, there are many workers immersed in an ERTE who have not seen the last payment in their bank account. Something that may be due to two new factors, which are added to those that have already been happening for months. One of them is that the companies have not found out that, after the last extension approved by the Government, all had to formulate a new collective claim for benefits due to unemployment before October 20, although they were already received prior to this mechanism.

This is precisely what has happened in some companies, which said that their ERTE and the corresponding payment were would renew automatically as it had happened in the previous extension. In this case, the workers have found that, in addition to not charging, their condition is not reflected in the SEPE, where they appear as discharged.

Another factor that may have occurred is that their companies have processed the corresponding documentation, even correctly and within the period set from October 1 to 20. However, the model to be presented was has modified in the middle of these dates and without any notice, with which some companies and workers have found that the steps taken, if they have been made in the first days of the term, are not valid, since the model presented is no longer correct.

This is how a labor lawyer explains it to this medium, in whose agency they do not stop receiving complaints or asking the SEPE for explanations, where, he says, no one gives them a clear solution. "We have realized by chance", why "Nobody from SEPE tells you how to correct the errors", he assures. And it is that, after many daily attempts, some SEPE worker has informed them of this change, that not only are those who submitted the application not notified before, but they are also denied when checking it. This lawyer points out that the SEPE has even advised him that the most convenient thing is that they are processed in the last days of the term or outside of it, since in the offices there is a real "funnel", with the first requests collapsed.

Something that contrasts with the perception of the Ministry, which states that it works "intensely" to ensure that all those affected by an ERTE receive their corresponding benefit without failures. "Reinforcement measures have been adopted," they say, but the experts consulted emphasize that the means available to SEPE workers and Social Security they are "prehistoric", By the way, nothing to do with those of the Treasury, they say, and thus "it is impossible."

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