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Montero announces that the Government will lower the VAT on masks from 21% to 4%


The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, announced this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies that the Government will lower the Value Added Tax (VAT) of masks from 21% to 4%.

This was explained during the plenary session in which the General State Budgets (PGE). As explained by the minister spokesperson, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has made this decision after receiving confirmation from the European Commission that Spain will not receive a sanction.

"We took this decision once the European Commission confirmed to us in writing yesterday afternoon, after the consultation carried out in previous days, that it will not open an infringement procedure against our country for failing to comply with the community directive," Montero remarked. And it is that for the Government that was the most important thing.

As stated by the minister, the Executive "is not going to put this country at risk for breach of a rule", and that is the reason why the decision has not been made so far. "They know that the VAT on masks for private use is regulated in a regulation that prohibits applying reduced rates to this product." "For this reason, to rule out the risk that we Spaniards would have to pay a millionaire fine, we have waited for written guarantees," he insisted.

Montero, who has spoiled the attitude of the PP bench, saying that it seems that for them it is "bad news", has confirmed that it will be next Tuesday when the Government will approve at the meeting of the Council of Ministers the Decree law that will regulate the price of disposable masks.

"This is a sensitive government, attentive to the problems of the people, who listens, but is also responsible," has stressed Montero, who has assured that they will monitor that "the VAT reduction translates into a price reduction for the final consumer, and not in a greater margin for the employer. "

He has also taken the opportunity to announce that the Executive will "lower the maximum sale price of surgical masks again", which is currently set at 0.96 euros.


The news has meant a real change with respect to the line maintained so far by the Government. This Tuesday, Montero herself assured that the VAT would not be lowered because Brussels had not given its approval, but it was opened to reduce its price. The Executive's refusal to lower the tax on this product was due, on the one hand, to community regulations, which prevented it from doing so. But also to the great losses that this measure would entail for the public treasury, of about 1,568 million euros.

However, the popular clamor in this regard was growing, and after receiving the approval of the European Commission, Sánchez's cabinet has decided to lower the VAT on masks sold to the public.

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