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The Government will not lower the VAT on masks but will reduce their price


The Government is committed to reducing the cost of masks. This was explained by the Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, during the press conference after the Council of Ministers. "The commitment of this Government is to lower the price of masks," he said.

The Executive spokeswoman had stated in the past that they were going to study whether Brussels gave the go-ahead to lower VAT of the masks. If not, I would lower the price through a reduction in the maximum price of the product.

The European Commission does not allow a VAT reduction for masks. However, the Minister of Finance has pointed out that this rule only applies to the cost of face masks. sale to the public. The European Union does not specify that this standard is also for masks that are dispensed in health centers, for this reason, its price was reduced. The Government has asked the European Commission to reduce VAT on all masks.

The masks have a VAT of 21%, Citizens claimed reduction to 4%, being a staple product. However, this would mean losses of 1,568 million in the annual collection. The Government cannot bear this great loss of money due to the great costs that the pandemic has entailed. However, Montero has assured to try to get a reduction to the lowest possible VAT.

The Government has reiterated being the first to set a maximum price for masks at 0.96 euros. "The Government was the first in the Union to establish a Maximum price for the masks, it will review that price ”.

The opposition considers that the European Union limit is not an unbreakable imposition and that the cost in the market is excessive. The Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (Aedaf) agrees with this statement, believes that the Government would have the possibility of lower the cost if you wanted to: "There is scope for action to reduce the VAT rates applicable to mask deliveries," he said.

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