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Cs will withdraw support for PGE if the Government eliminates Spanish as a vehicular language


Ciudadanos has imposed a new condition on the Sánchez government this Tuesday for the approval of the new PGE, in which it urges the Executive to stop the amendment agreed with ERC on the elimination of Spanish as a vehicular language. It therefore becomes a new red line for 'yes' final of the orange party to the approval of the Budgets.

Regarding this new requirement, Arrimadas has stated that Sánchez only has two routes left: "the moderate one or that of separatism and rupture", alluding to ERC as a party that had agreed, together with the Government, to process said decree.

He has also announced that the ten deputies of his party vote against the amendments to the whole presented by various parliamentary groups, including the PP or VOX. Arrimadas has criticized these two parties for "shouting" while "others are dedicated to work." This decision is explained by the intention of the Government of "reach out" and open a negotiation process of the Budgets in which Ciudadanos has made a profit, avoiding, for example, the increase in VAT for concerted education and the increase in Corporation Tax and personal income tax for the middle classes.

Likewise, it has insisted that the Government establish a new package of measures to help the self-employed and SMEs, and establish greater facilities to promote family conciliation. On numerous occasions during the intervention, the Citizen leader has sent Sánchez her request for opt for the "moderate route" for the approval of the PGE of 2021 and decline the conditions of Gabriel Rufián's party.


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