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Pfizer's vaccine removes lockdowns and Zoom, Netfix and eBay pay for it on the stock exchange


Pfizer announced this Monday that its vaccine against Covid-19 it is 90% effective. The news has had an automatic reaction in markets around the world, so much so that the Ibex has closed the best session of the last decade. This news would end the lockdowns much earlier than planned, something that the companies that have benefited the most from the closures are not liking.

Zoom, Netflix and eBay are the most bearish values ​​this Monday on the New York Stock Exchange. The video calling 'app' is living an almost perfect 2020 in which its shares have shot up more than 500%, they have gone from $ 68.72 to $ 434.35. However, after learning about Pfizer's progress, its shares have plummeted 17.37%. Has lived their most bearish session ever.

Zoom it was completely unknown until a few months ago, in fact, it barely has 10 workers. But nevertheless, the rise of telecommuting has put her on the map. "Our ability to keep people around the world connected, coupled with our strong execution, has generated revenue growth of 355% in the second quarter and allowed us to increase our revenue outlook," explained Eric S. Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom after announcing the results of the first half of the year.

Somewhat minor have been the falls in Netflix, which has fallen by 8.59%. The drops in the streaming channel have not caught investors off guard. In recent months it has seen a slowdown in the growth of its new users. "I would have seen Netflix, frankly, like an action to avoid, if there was, for example, a vaccine, or if the closures are lifted, "Alex DeGroote, owner of DeGroote Consulting, told the CNMB a few weeks ago.

Some very similar drops eBay has experienced. The online shopping giant has plummeted about 5% on the floor. The shares have advanced more than 30% so far this year and are at 13% of their historical highs, registered at the beginning of July

Not only are these companies suffering from vaccine optimism, so is gold. The precious metal, the refuge value par excellence, is suffering declines close to 5% and has fallen to $ 1,865.

In recent months, there has been a "mass exodus" to the safe haven, explains Edward Moya, senior market analyst at OANDA. So much that in so far this year it has appreciated by 20% and it has come to surpass to touch the 2,000 dollars, levels never seen before.


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