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The Ministry of Labor invests in the fight against fraud with new inspectors


Joaquín Pérez Rey, Secretary of State for Labor and Social Economy, has affirmed that the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy will incorporate 55 civil servants and 180 people in practice to fight against fraud. In addition, the use of technologies as a key tool will be promoted.

Work will incorporate 214 Labor inspectors during 2021 and improve the use of technologies; as reported by the Secretary of State for Employment and Social Economy. The goal is to fight fraud as much as possible.

The secretary has specified that they will be incorporated 55 general corps officers and 180 trainees. In this way, it will have its own budget for the first time, as reported in his speech during the Committee on Labor, Inclusion, Social Security and Migration in Congress. The budget will be nothing more and nothing less than 175.8 million euros.

Pérez Rey has indicated that the budget has "very sharp" lenses, focusing on active employment policies "This body is an essential public service for the fulfillment of the priority objective of protecting the rights of workers and ensuring the quality of employment", he stated.


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