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Illa regrets the Christmas holidays "they are not going to be like last year"


The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has advanced that the prospects for the 2020/2021 holidays are not favorable. The Ministry could implement "specific approaches" for the arrival of Christmas.

December is one of the busiest months in the country, family and friends gather in the same room. Salvador Illa has announced that efforts will have to be made To improve the health situation "I make a very big effort now to celebrate them as always. No. We cannot do this approach, we would be fooling ourselves."

In addition, the minister has stressed the importance of restrictions in the month of November "it is going to be a key month, "says Salvador Illa in a Telemadrid interview. This month will serve as a balance for possible future restrictions and will depend" on chow do we get there and I hope things are better, but I don't know "·, also about" how we implement the measures that are being taken. "

In any case, the minister does not see a probable “second confinement domiciliary ”, as long as the situation improves with the new measures in the different autonomous communities.

Salvador Illa has affirmed to be in time to avoid more complex situations “I think we are not arriving late. Spain has already taken drastic measures, such as restriction of mobility, the right to assembly or limitation of certain activities… If we comply and ensure that the measures dictated by the CCAA are effectively carried out, I am sure that we will avoid a second home confinement "


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