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What if BBVA's falls fit within the typical 'throw back'?


This Wednesday, BBVA securities were down 6%, although it must be said that all Ibex banks were also heavily punished. The sector weakness was compounded by the particularity of BBVA.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

This Wednesday the titles of BBVA fell hard as a result of the sinking of the Mexican peso and the Turkish lira, the currencies of two of its main markets, given the uncertainty about the electoral result in the United States. Technically, even though the fall has been violent, it can be said that for the moment everything falls within the normal parameters in the sense that the correction It seems that it may be part of the typical movement in 'throw back to the bearish channel recently outperformed to the upside. That said, BBVA. Like all banks in our country, it continues to show an impeccable fundamental or primary downward trend. But it is true that in the short term we have increasing minimums and maximums, which is no small thing. There is no return figure, nor is it expected. But in the markets as in life itself we always know how things start but not how they end.

BBVA daily chart


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