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Grifols rests again on the base of the long-term bullish channel


The falls of the last days have no implications of any kind within what is the uptrend of the bottom or primary of the title.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

From Grifols we have talked long and hard in the last few months and everything remains the same. This is a good example of what we sometimes explain about prices can rise and fall sharply for a long time with nothing actually happening. Because what happens is that it has an impeccable long-term bullish channel and the price has managed to grip the base of the channel like 'a burning nail'. Or what is the same, as long as the price continues to move within the channel there is nothing to worry about. Therefore and with its corrections against trend (reaction phases) it cannot be ruled out that the price, in the coming months, will try to go to the annual and historical highs at 34.09 euros. What would not make any sense is that the September lows were pierced at 21.27 euros. This support is key, critical.

Grifols monthly chart

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