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Trump questions the election result but Wall Street bets on green


Wall street rises strongly this Wednesday, in what is its third day of earnings after the rises for the first two days of the week. Specifically, the New York Stock Exchange indices advanced 1.8% on average after the initial doubts that the futures marked, which have reached a negative price when Trump has questioned the electoral result in the United States, although they have subsequently recovered in a very volatile scenario.

Investors are waiting for the final results of the presidential elections in the United States. The polls have failed again and Joe Biden has not achieved a clear victory. Further, Donald trump keeps your re-election options when you win Florida, Texas Y Ohio. And while there is still no clear winner, the current president has taken advantage in some key states.

Joe biden has commented that they can still win and has maintained his hope in achieving the final victory because "we are on the way to winning these elections and we must be patient until the count ends", while Donald trump just tweeted that "they are trying to steal the elections. We will never let them do it".


"Unsurprisingly, the Democratic Party has retained the House of Representatives, but the outcome of the presidential and Senate elections is still up in the air. The possibility of a great Democratic victory has vanished, while the possibility that Donald Trump remains president and a divided Congress has increased. The final result may be delayed until Friday, "Danske Bank analysts say.

The last hour is that Biden is one step away from winning Arizona, so the president will decide in the key states of the Rust Belt: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The Democrat leads Trump in two of them, Michigan and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania has stopped scrutiny, as has Nevada.

But not everything is the elections. This Thursday the figures for the US trade deficit, which is down 4.7% in September to $ 63.9 billion, compared to $ 67.1 billion the previous month, as confirmed by the Commerce Department. And is that the value of US exports last September rose to 176,400 million dollars compared to 171,935 million in August. Likewise, the value of imports also rose to 240.2 billion dollars, compared to 239.038 million dollars in August.

Likewise, the PMI services prepared by the consulting firm Markit have been known. Data for October (56.9) show a strong expansion of commercial activity in this sector in the US. Specifically, faster growth was linked to stronger demand, despite a slower rebound in new export business. Companies continued to work with the arrears accumulated during the shutdown, but the pressure on capacity eased and, as a result, employment increased at the smoothest pace.

In other markets, oil West texas up 2.3% to $ 38.54. For its part, the profitability of the 10-year American bond drops to 0.79%.

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