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Bitcoin wallets should be easier to use


In the summer of 2019, Square Crypto made it clear that there was an urgent need to work on the design of the Bitcoin wallets. While Bitcoin enthusiasts and technicians have no trouble grappling with the concepts behind it, a wallet can be quite a challenge for the average user.

This is where issues arise that have a direct impact on the safety of the capital invested in Bitcoin. Ultimately, concepts such as the relationship between private key and public key must be understood and then implemented correctly, as a Bitcoin wallet takes responsibility for the user through self-custody.

That's exactly Valentine's approach, because he wants to design a Bitcoin wallet that will suit all beginners without sacrificing security and convenience. This should make it easier for more people to access Bitcoin in the long run or even make it possible. When you consider how many requests to speak on social media or on forums revolve around the fact that someone has lost access to their BTC, the plan makes perfect sense and is commendable.

Square Crypto Fund Developers

This isn't the first time Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's company has appeared. Square Crypto regularly makes grants to companies and developers that strengthen the Bitcoin ecosystem and often do this work with no prospects for payment.

For example, BTCPay servers were funded with $ 100,000, which was certainly an important step in keeping alive a project that would allow all stores and businesses to accept Bitcoin. Stores and companies that use the software do without intermediaries and benefit from a professional application.

It is not yet known how high the funding will be for Valentine. So far, Square only sent the good news via Twitter that they wanted to support the designer with a grant.

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