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Technical analysis office: Santander, Repsol, Urbas, Aena, Ebro Foods, Vestas Wind, Boeing and Airbus


Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Vestas Wind, Airbus, Boeing, Ebro Foods, Urbas, Santander, Repsol and Aena.

Technical analysis

Good Morning. I would appreciate your opinion and analysis of Vestas. Thanks a lot. J.V.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Vestas Wind It is a value in absolute free rise, or what is the same without resistance of any kind. Since, in the month of July, it surpassed the historical highs it has not stopped rising and rising month after month. It is a clear keep in the portfolio if it was entered when it was time to do so. But entering now has its danger, since we would be arriving very late to the market. This does not mean that it cannot continue climbing positions. But it will not be the first time nor will it be the last in which prices subsequently decide to correct in the form of a 'throw back' and set course for the new support zone, formerly resistance, of the old all-time highs. From which it is deduced that the title presents an important support in the area of ​​the 700 Danish crowns (DKK). There we will have a new buy signal if the future price decides to start a corrective phase that drains / adjusts proportionally the previous strong rises. Thanks to you, greetings.

Vestas Wind monthly chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. Thank you very much for your information, it is very useful to me and I never get lost. I would like to ask you how you see starting to take long-term positions at Airbus and Boeing. And if you think it's time, what supports and resistances to watch out for. And from Ebro Foods? What can we expect, now that we have it in the support zone? A greeting. MA.B.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Airbus it is a value that continues without trend in the short term. And also within a corrective phase of a higher degree. In round numbers it can be said that it has a support in the area of ​​60 euros and as the most immediate resistance we have 69.69 euros. Although the most important resistance we have in the daily bearish gap of 85.70 euros. A gap that was filled in its entirety in the rebound in June but was never closed, or in other words, was canceled. And as the most important support we have the annual minimums, where we have double support, at 58 euros. In any case and as long as the price does not close the bearish gap to which we have referred previously, we will not have the slightest sign of real strength beyond the typical bounces against trend. It is a value that today does not interest the least from the point of view of the graphics.

Airbus daily chart

As to Boeing There is not much to say in terms of the medium and long term. An impeccable long-term bullish channel has been observed since 1982. Channel whose base, by definition support, is currently in the area of ​​approximately $ 100. In addition to the fact that this level also acted as resistance in 2007 and again as support in 2016. Hence, we can say that in round numbers we are talking about a most important control zone. As the most important resistance zone, we have the June highs at $ 234.20. In summary, we are talking about two values ​​without trend within a corrective phase that began in February and of which we do not have, at the moment, a return figure of any kind.

Very long-term Boeing monthly chart

Finally, regarding Ebro Foods, a title that we have been asked a lot about lately, presents an impeccable long-term bullish guideline on which it has been supported since 2011. This title also recently broke up a five-year side and, separate corrections (reaction phases), Typically, you will try to successfully hit the annual and all-time highs again and keep climbing and hitting new all-time highs. It is simply a free rising value. A security that can be had in the portfolio without any problem, since by buying it we are buying strength. Which is what there is always in the markets. Thank you very much, greetings.

Ebro Foods weekly chart

Good Morning. Appreciating your response, I would like to know what you think about Urbas right now to buy. A.CC.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Urbas It is one of those values ​​that I don't like at all. In fact, as I like to say, just look at the price to know what kind of title we are talking about. Now, that does not mean that the impeccable double bottom that was confirmed above the resistance of 0.01 euros (now important support) caught our attention. The figure points to 0.03 euros as the theoretical minimum rise target. But as a teacher said that I had "in the bag two plus two is approximately four". I mean by this that in theory it has a margin of rise and it is possible that the side of the last weeks is a pattern of trend continuity in the form of a symmetrical triangle. A priori trend continuity.

Urbas weekly chart

Good morning, José María. It's a pleasure to greet you. I wanted to know your opinion about Repsol and Santander, bought on October 7 after some (favorable) analyzes at 6 euros and 1.70 respectively, which I read on Bolsamanía. I am a long-term investor and I have already taken my good horns in this world. I know what I'm up against. How do you see them in the long term? Thanks and greetings from Salamanca. JA.F.

Dear reader, good afternoon. On Repsol I invite you to read here the analysis that we carried out this morning on the oil company at the beginning of the session. I do not rule out that in the short term the price will rebound strongly as a result of the significant oversold levels in all terms. But the fact that last week's slide led him to build a new low is not exactly a sign of strength in the title. And so, by drawing decreasing highs and lows, an upward trend is not built.

Repsol weekly chart

As to Santander we analyzed it last week (read it here) when it released third quarter results. The rebound of the last few days is running out at around 1.77 euros, previously support. But the rebound seems very small considering the magnitude of the last corrective stretch. I still think that if we have to jump into the pool in this title it has to be now, with a stop loss at weekly closing prices below 1.50 euros: the minimums of 1998 and 2002. To pierce this support would be very dangerous and we would hardly have any visibility below. Thank you very much gentleman, greetings.

Santander monthly chart

Good Morning. I have Aena shares more or less in price after the significant losses I have had and I don't know whether to get out and forget about this value. But I'm sure if I do it, it won't stop climbing. How do you see the action? Is it worth putting up with or is it better to get out just in case? Thanks for your analysis, greetings. RE.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Aena it is playing dangerously with the support zone that it presents at the base of the symmetrical triangle (decreasing highs and increasing lows) of the last few months. Let's say that it can be kept in the portfolio as long as the important support it has in the September lows, at 110.90 euros, does not pierce me. As long as this support is respected, we will see if it is able to set course and overcome the high part of the triangle, strong resistance. Let's say you would give the title a shot on that condition, not to break through the September lows.

Aena daily chart

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