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Illa rules out home confinements for now and trusts current measures


The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has ruled out this Monday decree home confinements in the coming days. He believes that for now they are not necessary, since he trusts that with the measures included in the new state of alarm the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic can be controlled.

This has been said by the person in charge in a telematic conference, in which he has asked "not enter into some kind of competition to see who takes the hardest measure". Illa has been pronounced like this after Asturias has announced the closure of the non-essential economic activity and has requested the central government a home confinement for 15 days.

"Now we don't foresee it. We are neither working on it nor anticipating it. We think that with the range of measures that are available to the authorities of the autonomous communities to be able to act, it is enough ", the minister has assured, according to Efe.


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