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Netflix raises its prices with the Trojan horse pandemic, will it be Spain's turn?


Goodbye to the free first month, hello to the free service in a whole country … Netflix he is using the coronavirus crisis as his own laboratory. And his latest experiment is to raise the price of two of the three main tariffs in the US: Will Spain be next?

Starting in November, US Netflix customers will pay $ 14 (up from the previous 13) for the standard subscription and $ 18 (instead of the previous $ 14) for the Premium. A month. The only one that maintains its rate is the basic plan, which costs nine dollars.

The official excuse of Netflix to justify this (notable, in the case of the Premium rate) price increase in the US is that you are making more and more investments to create original content.

Greg Peters, COO of Netflix, has recently assured that price rates are established "country by country", for the time being away from the possibility that this increase will reach other countries such as Spain.


That is in the short term. In the middle and long, Peters acknowledges that "eventually"Users will end up paying" a little more to maintain this vicious circle of investment and value creation. "The last price increase in the US took place in January 2019. Five months later, Netflix raised its rates in Spain, which since So they have remained at 7.99 euros per month for the Basic plan, 11.99 euros for the Standard and 15.99 euros for the Premium.

"As always, we offer different plans so that people can choose the price that works best for them and their budget," they defend from the popular streaming platform with more than 195 million users around the world, and it seems that $ 17 billion budgeted for content in 2020 is out of reach.

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