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Twitter does not attract as many users as expected and pays it dearly: it sinks by 21%



Twitter this day is living its particular Black Friday. Their shares have plummeted more than 21% after not attracting as many new users as they expected. The social network of the blue bird has declared 187 million users in the last quarter, while the market expected 195 million.

The rush of sales comes after on Thursday they will close higher than 8%, up to $ 52.43. Levels that have not been seen for 5 years.

It is not the only Mark Zuckerberg social network that has disappointed the market with its number of users, it has also made it the flagship of the group. Facebook announced last night, after the market closed, that sus active users worldwide amount to 2.74 billion monthly. The negative part is taken by the United States and Canada.

In both territories have fallen to 196 million a day from 198 million the previous quarter. The company expects its user base to remain stable or decline in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, in Europe it remained stable, at 305 million daily active users for the third consecutive quarter.

Investors are not liking the way the polls for the US elections are going either. There are barely four days left until the election and all the polls point to Joe Biden being the new tenant in the White House. And that Twitter does not like, Donald Trump is the great attraction of the platform.

In the four years that he has been in charge of the presidency, he has used Twitter countless times to share all kinds of messages, from conspiracy theories to attacking his political rivals.



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