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The first round of S3P IEO officially begins in Latoken



On October 15, 2020, S3 Global officially kicked off the first public sale of S3P on the Latoken exchange and recorded remarkably high trade volume after just 24 hours of its launch.

According to the announcement from S3 Global, 3 million S3P tokens out of the total supply of 150 million are distributed for the two rounds of IEO from October 15 to November 14.

The S3 Global Board of Directors has set a goal of raising 1.5 million USDT until the end of this IEO and With just 1 day of launch, the market saw a high volume of S3P trading and it looks like it will continue to perform even better than the expected.

S3P is powered by S3 Global Technology LTD, one of the most vibrant global systems integrators for cryptocurrencies, which also created S3 Wallet, the first fully decentralized and distributed digital asset wallet with decentralized social media. In the competitive battle of cryptocurrency, S3P continues to mark its rapid growth in terms of mass adoption, low fees, and revolutionary projects for the blockchain ecosystem.

S3 Global builds and develops S3P as a standard TRC-20 token on the Tron Mainnet Network, a great option with more than 9 million users. The platform allows us to exchange S3P at a very low rate and at a much better processing speed, (2000 transactions / s,) 100 times higher than the ETH Mainnet network (20 transactions / s).

As all cryptocurrency traders know, Latoken is now a leading, reliable and user-friendly highly liquid exchange in the market. Latoken's daily turnover volume exceeds $ 300 million with more than 500,000 registered users.

In addition to that, Latoken uses a suite of advanced security measures including encryption key, DDOS protection, 2FA, and a cold wallet to store 99.5% of user funds to prevent hacking and ensure the safest trading environment.

Dallas Baldri, CEO and Co-Founder of S3 Global Technology LTD, CEO of HD Group, a trusted global advertising and marketing organization in more than 45 countries, shared:

“S3P's initial exchange offering is working to its great potential. I believe in the greater value and power of S3P that it will create for both the crypto community and the blockchain world. "

“The S3P based on the standard token TRC-20 is not a normal cryptocurrency. It can provide the best investment opportunities for all participants and shape the new future of the smart exchange society through cryptocurrency. " said Carlos Chu – Director of Business Development at S3 Global.

About S3 Global Technology LTD

S3 Global Technology LTD is a leading information technology, consulting and outsourcing company that offers solutions to enable its clients to do more productive business.

S3 Wallet may rank as the most prominent product of S3 Global, S3 Wallet is the first fully decentralized and distributed digital asset wallet that visually provides our members with a focused wealth generating ecosystem, to a Smart Sharing Society.

S3 Wallet is a “smart exchange company” of more than 20,500 users that supports various types of cryptocurrencies and tokens such as BTC, ETH, USDT… and especially S3P.

About the S3P Token

  • Developed By: S3 Global Technology LTD
  • Standard Token: TRC-20
  • Technology: TRC-20 Tron Mainnet Network
  • Total supply: 150,000,000 S3P
  • Total pre-mined: 30,000,000 S3P
  • IEO sale: 3,000,000 S3P

The S3P token is built and developed on the Tron Mainnet Network, one of the most competitive blockchain platforms, recently with almost 9 million users, where users are allowed to exchange S3P at a very low fee and also stop congestion from the network through the 2000 transactions. / s processing speed – much better than ETH Mainnet network.

About Latoken Trading Platform

  • # 1 IEO Launchpad according to InWara
  • # 1 IEO Launchpad by IEO number and TOP 5 funds raised
  • Daily turnover: $ 300 million USD
  • Registered users: 500,000 users
  • 320 pairs of cryptocurrencies available to trade
  • Low trading and withdrawal fees
  • New trading pairs are added every week
  • Advanced security measures: encryption key, DDOS protection, 2FA
  • Stores 99.5% of user funds in a cold wallet to prevent hacking

Why should you invest in S3P?

According to the most recent information, there are more than 20,000 people who choose to use the S3P token in addition to many types of large cryptocurrencies and its adoption is still growing globally. S3P payment will be accepted in Korea and Mexico soon. Actually, it's hard to doubt the massive adoption of S3P in the crypto world.

As the demand for the S3P token increases, its value will continually increase in the future, increasing wealth and creating better liquidity for holders.

Cryptocurrencies were born to allow us to carry out transactions in a decentralized and cross-border way and S3P meets the appropriate characteristics to enter to compete with the large existing crypto assets, since it has a solid project and a visionary corporate. The time has come for Latin America to learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through our certification system in nascent technologies, S3 Global has arrived to transform the blockchain ecosystem in the world and is achieving it, said our Latin America Training Director Sebastian Alvarez Herrera.

Learn more about S3P and S3 Global at: https://www.s3global.io/

Learn more about Latoken at: https://bit.ly/30Xwlhq

Follow S3 Global on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/S3Global.Official


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