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Tests to detect Covid-19: Where can I get a PCR test?



Public health is not doing diagnostic tests for coronavirus in asymptomatic people. Health Centers only test those people with symptoms. If you think you have passed the coronavirus but you are an asymptomatic person, the only possible alternative to have a PCR or a serological test is to go to a private clinic, making an appointment.

According to the Spanish Private Health Alliance (ASPE), “the fastest tests are serological. The positives have a very high sensitivity, 82%, but if you test negative, a PCR can be prescribed later, which is more reliable. This test is sent to a laboratory and has a higher cost ”, explains Carlos Rus, president of ASPE.

To access the PCR test in a private clinic a prescription is needed, as promoted by the Ministry of Health.

These private centers have been conducting numerous tests, between 800 and 1,000 a day since the state of alarm was decreed. The only requirement until the entry into force of the ministerial order was the payment of the corresponding amount. A payment that could amount to 180 euros.

Now if someone wants to have a PCR test, they will have to pay between 100 and 140 euros. They are the most reliable that exist today, although they are also the slowest. To do this, a sample of exudate from the nose and pharynx is needed.

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