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Barclays raises the bells and whistles with Cellnex: it can reach 80 euros per share



The sweet moment of Cellnex still has more to do. Above all, you will have it in the most bullish scenario that you contemplate Barclays, in which the share of the telecommunications infrastructure manager can reach 80 euros, according to the report published this Monday.

An objective that is far from the current price of the company chaired by Tobías Martínez, which is close to 54 euros. And, also of the current target price set by Barclays itself, which places the share's market value at 55 euros.

On the sidelines, Cellnex is immersed in a 'rally' of its corporate operations. Last Friday he announced a agreement with Iliad to disembark in Poland, with about 7,000 telecommunications sites in that market.


Now the next step on your roadmap could be the acquisition of the tower portfolio of the Asian giant Hutchinson in Europe. In an operation that would give another dimension to the company given that it is estimated at close to 9,000 million euros.

In fact, Barclays highlights in its analysis that the Spanish company maintains its growth strategy through mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, it recalls that Cellnex may be one of the actors that takes advantage of the desire of the traditional communications operators to divest the 'telecom' infrastructure business from its main activity.

In its summary, Barclays confirms in the aforementioned analysis the target price of 55 euros and overweight the value. In addition to indicating that best scenario of 80 euros per share, which would occur in case of taking off when materializing the options of possible mergers and acquisitions.



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