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Mexo Exchange has partnered with LatamEx to allow LATAM people to buy cryptocurrencies with local currencies



Mexo, the new exchange platform with more than 30 cryptocurrencies available for the Latin American region, announced a new functionality that allows its users to buy cryptocurrencies with their local currency, through Latamex, a company of the Settle Network group.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Latamex, the exchange platform created for Latin America announced a fiat gateway – crypto that allows users in the region to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies at the best price directly on Mexo.io, in the section “Buy Crypto ”. Now Mexo users can buy cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC directly using Mexican pesos, Argentines, and Brazilian reals.

Mexo opened operations on August 20 of this year, with the aim of promoting and strengthening the professionalism of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Latin America, with a solid and sophisticated platform to take cryptocurrency trading to the next level. To achieve this, it is important to build bridges that allow users to access and exchange cryptocurrencies for local currencies.

Behind Mexo is Krypital Group, a blockchain venture capital fund and incubator that was formed in 2017. In 3 years of existence, Krypital-funded projects have attracted more than 2 million users to the blockchain ecosystem and the estimated market value of the companies in which you have invested exceeds a trillion dollars.

On the other hand, Latamex is the largest aggregator in Latin America that allows buying and selling cryptocurrencies with the main local fiat currencies, with the lowest and most competitive commissions in the market.

“Providing purchase options with local currency within the main Latin American countries is very important to us as we believe that it is the way to meet the needs of the community and encourage the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Now, our users in the region can access a professional trading platform with the highest international standards and buy directly with their local currencies thanks to our partnership with Settle Network and its Latamex fiat link ”commented Maggie Wu, CEO of Mexo and Krypital Group.

"Latin America is a key market in the crypto industry that is growing at an accelerated rate due to the volatility of local economies pushing for alternative means of payment and savings," said Jack Saracco, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Settle Network . “Our partnership with Mexo will allow users in Latin America to buy cryptocurrencies with their pesos and reais in LATAM. We are pleased to help partners prosper in Latin America. ”

Settle Network is the largest digital asset settlement network in Latin America for cross-border exchanges and payments, providing programmatic interoperability between traditional and digital assets by leveraging the financial infrastructures of countries in the region.


Mexo, backed by the international investment fund and incubator specialized in blockchain, Krypital Group, is a cryptocurrency exchange developed by a professional team with years of experience in the industry, developed to help professionalize the industry in Latin America and in the Spanish language. Within its services, Mexo offers a wide range of products such as spot trading, contract trading, OTC, a P2P market and Mexo Academy to promote education in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, providing the most complete and reliable way to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies .

For more information visit: https://www.mexo.io/

About Settle Network

Settle Network is the largest digital asset reconciliation network in LATAM (Latin America) for cross-border exchanges and payments. Settle Network provides programmatic interoperability between traditional and digital assets, leveraging the financial infrastructure in every country in which it operates. Covering the most relevant markets, including the largest financial institutions, banks and thousands of cash retail establishments. This enables unlimited and compatible interoperability between major digital assets and local currencies. Settle Network has a variety of products such as Latamex (the largest fiat gateway between crypto and fiat currency in Latin America), Settle X (payment solutions for companies, including stable-coin issuances), PSP Xramp (payment processing solutions) , among others.

For more information, visit: https://settlenetwork.com and https://latamex.com/

About Latamex

Latamex is the Settle Network fiat gateway and the leading fiat gateway between crypto and local currency in Latin America. Latamex allows Latin American users of multiple exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with their local money. Users can register to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at https://latamex.com/


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