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Liberbank: more than five years embedded in a bearish channel



Liberbank securities are trading close to the important resistance zone that, by definition, is conferred by the upper part of the bearish channel through which the price continues to move.

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Long term

There are graphics that speak for themselves and this is one of them. You only have to look at the chart to realize the impeccable bearish channel through which the price of Liberbank since early 2015. Manual channel whose upper part, by definition resistance, currently stands at approximately 0.29-0.30 euros. Opening longs now does not make much sense, as it would be arriving too late to the market. But it is true that there is a possibility that the title will try to verify, soon, the strength of the resistance it presents in the upper part of the bearish channel. At the bottom, on the side of the supports, the most important control area at the moment is at approx. 0.1950 euros.

Liberbank weekly chart



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