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Talgo, another of those 'value' bets, derails and enters absolute free fall



Talgo is one of those 'small caps' that in recent years has been part of many of the portfolios of the 'value' managers in our market.

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At the end of September we warned of the danger that Talgo pierce the only support it had: all-time lows. The situation reminds me a lot of that of Gathered techniques days ago. In addition to the fact that the two titles have been part, and continue to do so, in many of the portfolios of numerous 'value' managers in our country. Technically there is not much to say as the security has recently pierced the important support that it had at the historical lows of 3.30 eros, now resistance. In fact, it is possible that the title will rebound strongly (reaction phase) as a result of the extreme oversold and because, in addition, prices need significant rebounds even to continue correcting later. The damage, even if it rebounds in the short term, is already done. This has built a new decreasing minimum, thus giving continuity to the impeccable succession of decreasing maximums and minimums. And so it does not go up.

Talgo weekly chart

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