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Wall Street trades flat with Tesla soaring and waiting for Trump-Biden



Wall street it is trading practically flat in the face of stimuli that have not yet arrived and with an eye on the last debate for the US presidency that is held tonight between Donald trump Y Joe Biden. The Democrat arrives in Nashville with an advantage of up to eight percentage points in the polls, and media such as Bloomberg they point out that the greatest enemy they are going to face is "themselves."

"Trump faces the greatest challenge, because he must calm his aggressiveness shown in the first meeting, which cost him more than one vote," he continues Bloomberg. "In addition, he must defend well why he deserves a second term in the White House," adds the American newspaper.

On the business front, Tesla it is news with its 5% advance after convincing the market with its fifth consecutive quarter making a profit.

"Our operating income improved in the third quarter to a record level", they assure from the manufacturer directed and led by Elon musk it's a statement. "Positive impacts on earnings included strong volume, better absorption of fixed costs, and continued cost reduction," they add.

In economic matters, weekly unemployment claims have fallen in the last week to their lowest levels since the start of the pandemic. Specifically, 787,000 new requests have been registered, compared to the 875,000 anticipated by economists.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex it drops positions with IAG and Bankinter among the worst values ​​after publishing its quarterly results. Finally, In Asia, the stock markets have closed in the red after the IMF lowered its forecasts for the region.



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