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Health approves the new measures against Covid but postpones the curfew



The meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council has ended with a half agreement. The Ministry of Health has agreed to postpone the approval of the curfew after the 'no' of the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country.

Both territories claim not to agree with the legal coverage of a declaration of a state of alarm. The Department headed by Salvador Illa is waiting to know what is the legal legal form to carry it out. They are studying whether a new state of alarm is necessary.

The approved document contemplates the closing of the economic activity from 23.00 and urges to close the interiors of bars and restaurants (although it does not establish an obligation) to the localities with greater risk.

The agreed text establishes a framework of common criteria, based on scientific evidence, for the interpretation of epidemiological indicators and the adoption of measures to contain the pandemic.

"At today's meeting this high concern was shared and we have approved a coordinated response document. It has been adopted as an agreement with the abstention of two autonomous communities: Basque Country and Madrid"Salvador Illa explained after the Interterritorial meeting

Indicators of transmission (incidents, positivity and traceability), use of health services (hospital and ICU occupation) and complementary indicators will be included. help assess risk. All of them have been selected for their usefulness in capturing the most important aspects of the epidemiological situation and response capabilities. In each of these indicators, thresholds are established to determine if the risk is low, medium, high or extreme.

The document proposes actions to be established in each territorial unit that has been evaluated at alert levels 1 to 3. For those territories located at alert level 4, in addition to the actions included in level 3, exceptional measures are established, that may require the activation of the mechanism provided for the alarm, exception and site states.

It will be the autonomous communities who will decide when and what measures are applied although they must previously inform the Ministry of Health.


The details of how that curfew will be if it is finally put into operation have not yet transpired, although some of the proposals of the autonomies are known. The Valencian Community has proposed a curfew that will last until December 9.

Ximo Puig's measure proposes declaring the curfew during the early morning hours -from 0.00 to 6.00 am- until December 9, a situation that will not affect night shift workers.

Castilla y León is the only autonomous community that has formally requested a curfew as Illa has advanced. The lack of consensus between the territories in this regard has led Health to postpone this measure, which will be discussed again in future meetings.

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