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WHO calls on Europe and the US to follow Asia and impose tougher quarantines



Europe and the United States have been the epicenters of the pandemic for months, something that worries the World Health Organization (WHO). That is why experts recommend that both territories follow in the footsteps of Asia and impose more severe quarantines.

The WHO European region, which includes Russia, has recorded up to 8,500 deaths in the last week, and half of the countries have seen a 50% increase in cases, according to data from Mike Ryan, the agency's leading emergency expert, collected by Reuters.

Since the epidemic began, countries such as Australia, China, Japan or South Korea have confined the population from the first moment as well as quarantined contacts, Ryan stressed. The effectiveness of these measures in Asian countries for the WHO leader is largely due to "high levels of trust" in their governments.

“In other words, they ran through the finish line and beyond and kept running, because they knew the race was not over, that finish line was false. Too many countries have set an imaginary finish line and when they cross it it may have slowed down some of their activities”, Has qualified Ryan.

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