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Rovi confirms that it will manufacture Moderna's vaccine from early 2021



Moderna's vaccine schedule continues its course. Rovi has confirmed this Tuesday that it will start manufacturing millions of doses for the American company from the beginning of 2021: "Fortunately, Moderna's vaccine continues in its planned development, it has not suffered delays and the deadlines we manage are maintained."

"All the works continue at a good pace and we work with the right timing", defended the company, which will begin to manufacture a smaller number of doses to gradually increase the units until reaching cruising speed: "In a short time we will work with maximum capacity ".

In this sense, from Rovi they emphasize that "the capacity will not be a bottleneck because we can manufacture and market millions of doses. " In addition, if there is an excess demand, the pharmaceutical company remembers that it can put another line at the disposal of the manufacturer to be able to meet all the market requests.

Rovi recalls that its agreement with Moderna gives it responsibility for filling and finishing vials of the candidate vaccine in all markets outside the US: "Not only in the European Union." There countries such as Canada and Japan would come into play, in which the Spanish listed company has high hopes.



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