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France and the Netherlands ask the EU for tougher measures to control Big Tech



France and the Netherlands have proposed that the European Union (EU) impose a tighter regulatory framework to monitor the market position of large technology companies, like Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon, in Europe, as reported by CNBC. This, like other new proposals, must be approved by the Twenty-seven and by the European Parliament.

The Secretary of State for the digital transition in France, Cédric O, explained in a statement that the intention behind this approach is to "design a framework that is efficient enough to address the economic footprint of these actors in the European economy "and, in this way," open them ", he added.

Cédric O considers that access to the data and services of these companies are essential to "face market exclusion and guarantee consumers' freedom of choice".

The proposal outlined by these two countries closely follows the project in which the European Commission is working related to data protection and antitrust enjoyed by some of the most important companies in this sector.

During the last 12 months, the European regulatory body has intensified talks about Big Tech and the competitive landscape. A spokesperson for the institution assured CNBC that they are working to finalize this process by the end of 2020.

“The Commission is considering how to comprehensively improve the functioning of digital markets through the use of information gathered during these (public) consultations, ”he added.

In the same way, the body led by Ursula von der Leyen has confirmed that it will not address specific companies with your work.

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