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Months later … Apple presents to the world the iPhone 12, the first compatible with 5G



After months of uncertainty, Apple has finally presented the new iPhone 12 model to the world. first device to support 5G internet networks.

As expected, there have been four models that have seen the light this Tuesday: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In addition, it has also introduced new smart speakers and chargers. Although without a doubt the great novelty is that the 'smartphones' are compatible with 5G.

The presentation was also attended by the CEO of Verizon, who assured that 5G is the fastest in the world, so much so that they are studying taking it to airports, stadiums, parks and business centers.

The presentation of the new model of its flagship product has been surrounded by much uncertainty and suspense. Those of Cupertino have delayed the event several times. The expectation was such that the new devices have disappointed the market and investors are punishing Apple with more than 3% falls on the floor.

The falls of this Tuesday are just an exception in a flawless year. In fact, in recent days it has risen eagerly due to high expectations, it closed Monday's session with a 6% advance and pulling the Dow Jones higher. Some increases that will continue in the future, or so the experts at ForexNews.online believe.

"Technically, this value is very bullish in terms of medium and long term," explains José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at ForexNews.online. On today's falls, the expert is clear: "Apple is always bullish, which does not remove so that at some point in the market it can correct strongly".



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