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Learn what's behind the Token Bridge between RSK and Ethereum, with RSK Argentina



The community of bitcoiners "RSK Argentina ”, presents a free webinar, this October 14, called: "DAI + RSK Token Bridge: DAI + BTC exchange", at 17:00 GMT-3 (5pm Argentina time), 4pm Venezuela time and 3pm Colombia time.

It's about a meetupp, where you will learn about the technology of the Token Bridge between RSK and Ethereum, aimed at entrepreneurs, developers and potential partners who wish to link with RSK.

Under the presentation of the speakers Mariano Di Pietrantonio, Marketing Manager of the Maker Foundation and Pedro Prete, Co-Founder of Think and Dev and Developer of RSK Swap.

To participate register here

RSK is a platform of origin Argentinian to develop smart contracts on the bitcoin network.

Maker's Dai Stable Currency (DAI) is now available on the RSK platform.

The integration makes it possible to transfer Dai from ethereum to the RSK sidechain, ensuring stable and decentralized linkage via bitcoin-backed smart contracts.

“By bringing the tools and assets that power decentralized finance to a bitcoin environment, MakerDAO and RSK, together with the RIF Token community, can drive the growing demand for DeFi assets and applications without being hampered by Ethereum's high fees. ”.

"DAI at RSK will bring the crypto-secured stablecoin to a scalable smart contract network, while maintaining a connection to Ethereum and its valuable community of users and developers." reported RSK Buenos Aires Eventos, on its official site.


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