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Amazon Prime Day: ways to finance purchases and how to get a gift voucher



During October 13 and 14, Amazon Prime customers will be able to access more than one million offers. Before the celebration of the now famous Amazon Prime Day, consumers have several forms of payment, beyond the card, as well as different options to finance their purchases. Also, this year, you can get a gift voucher for 10 euros.

The e-commerce giant offers two forms of term payment. One is the call 'Pay in 4', at 0% TIN with a commission of 2.5% and payment in four installments. The second is 'Credit Line', at 9.57% NIR and with a term of 3 to 30 months. The two options allow you to pay certain products in monthly installments. In addition, for about a year, Amazon and Cofidis have teamed up to offer financing directly at the time of purchase.

The two great advantages, as explained from the financial comparator HelpMyCash, are its speed and its cost. "Is a financing that is requested in minutes and at the time of purchase and whose cost, in the two alternatives, is less than that of postponing purchases with a credit card ", they affirm, warning, of course, that it is not available for all products, so that purchases cannot always be financed that are desired with this formula.


As for the way in which to pay for purchases, the most common is the card, either credit or debit. But what is the best way to pay on Amazon? The bank card is a convenient system, since practically everyone has one and entering the data does not take more than a couple of minutes. Although you can pay with any type of card, experts recommend use a prepaid one for online purchases, as they are more secure.

Another alternative is to pay with the bank account. The good thing about this payment method is that we will not have to give our card number, but instead the IBAN code account for Amazon to issue a receipt for the purchase amount. The disadvantage is that this form of payment is not available for all products, so we will not always be able to use it.

Finally, customers have at their disposal Amazon recharges to use cashor. Also known as a gift voucher, with this system you can deposit up to 5,000 euros in the online store itself and choose between recharging online with a card or physically recharging with cash in some establishments. To pay, simply select the option 'Redeem your gift voucher'.

One of the advantages of this payment method is that, if you do not want to provide your bank details, simply recharge with cash directly, without commissions and with a limit period of up to 10 years to use the balance. There is also the option of giving these checks to a third person. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the balance is not refundable, so the money that is recharged must be spent on Amazon yes or yes.


Amazon Prime Day brings something new this year. Until October 12, give a gift voucher of 10 euros to spend on the web during these days to all customers who make purchases of more than 10 euros in products from SMEs and selected national brands. The objective of this promotion, which is 100% funded by Amazon, is "to put customers in contact with innovative businesses, artisans and local entrepreneurs" who sell in Amazon stores, the company says.



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