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NGO Bitcoin Chile warns of scams



Crypto cash scam concept with faceless hooded male person using tablet computer, low key red and blue lit image and digital glitch effect

The educational organization NGO Bitcoin Chile, also known as the Chilean Association of Cryptotechnologies, warned on its social networks, possible cryptocurrency scams committed by organizations of the crypto ecosystem.

The NGO Bitcoin Chile published a list of some of the organizations that operate in Chile under the modality of "multilevel network marketing" and pyramid systems, and they warned that this type of business is considered as an economic fraud according to various laws of the world.

"This type of organization operates under so-called" legitimately constituted companies", promoting certain services by attracting new investors. However, in practice it is shown that this is not fulfilled, ”stated NGO Bitcoin Chile in its statement.

Among the academies that promote the use of cryptocurrencies in Chile and that according to the NGO Bitcoin Chile are of dubious origin, the following organizations are listed:

  • AirBit Club
  • OneCoin
  • Trust Investing
  • BitCheke
  • EasyBizzi
  • iMarkets Live
  • IM Academy
  • Bitcoin Value
  • Mind Capital
  • Forsage
  • Toway Group
  • NeuronetMX
  • Dyzine
  • Bitcoin Vault
  • Kuailian
  • Arbistar
  • Kuvera
  • Stratus Academy
  • iComTech
  • Weltsys
  • Aenternam Group

They use image of NGO Bitcoin Chile to scam with cryptocurrencies

The NGO Bitcoin Chile added that scammers are using the image of the organization to request investments.

“Likewise, we want to inform that the Chilean Association of Cryptotechnologies (NGO Bitcoin Chile) has warned that a scam is currently circulating that impersonates our organization, using images of our events and associated members, in order to request investments or deposits in our representation ”, indicated the NGO.

The NGO alerted its users that they are an educational institution and "that they have never asked or will never ask for money to manage investments and even less to promise future profitability", and warned that they will report the case to the competent authorities.


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