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Events & Finance with Juan Verde (organization of Americans in favor of Biden): "The victory will be a Democrat … although we know that Trump does not play fair"



In this special edition dedicated to the American elections we have the pleasure of chatting with Juan Verde, a businessman and expert in circular economy and sustainability who was, during the administration of the President Obama, Deputy Under Secretary for Europe and Eurasia in the United States Government Department of Commerce.

Juan Verde is also president and founder of Americans Abroad for Biden, "the organization of Americans for Biden", who collaborates closely with the campaign of the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States.

We leave you with this most interesting talk to learn more closely and clearly Joe Biden's project, Donald Trump's rival, to conquer the presidency of the United States.

one . Who is harmed the most by the racial conflict in the US?

2. Is Biden's economic proposal stronger than Trump's?

3. How is the lack of social security affecting the pandemic?

4. What role would international politics play with Biden?

5. Will Biden change the relationship with China if he becomes president?

6. Who benefited from the tense face-to-face between Biden and Trump?

7. What is the real confidence of the Democrats in winning the election?

8. What are the Democratic keys to winning the elections?

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