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Solaria enters the Ibex and shines on the stock market, but Spanish funds miss the rally



Solaria It will enter the Ibex as a replacement for MásMóvil as of October 19. Its shares trade very close to its annual maximums of 18.87 euros and shine with their own light in the Spanish stock market, but Hispanic backgrounds They are not taking advantage of the good moment of courage.

The most exposed investors are all international, since BlackRock controls 3.17% of the capital through 4.41 million securities, valued at 90 million euros. For its part, JPMorgan AM controls a stake close to 3%. It is a portfolio of 3.66 million shares, with a market value of 74 million euros.

In addition, the German manager DWS Investment controls 2.73% of the capital through 3.41 million shares, valued at 69 million euros. In third position is Amundi AM, with 2.12% of the capital and a portfolio of 2.64 million shares, valued at 54 million.

Other management companies with exposure to Solaria are Mirova IM, investment manager dedicated to sustainable investment owned by Natixis, which holds 1.7% of the capital through 2.12 million shares, valued at 43 million.

Further, Goldman sachs controls 0.77% of the capital, with less than 1 million shares valued at 19 million. Y Ostrum AM has an exposure of 0.72%, followed by Union Investment Privatfonds (0.67%), The Vanguard Group (0.61%) and Dimensional Fund (0.56%).

And after all these managers, the first Spanish appears. Is about Mutual assets, the manager of Mutua Madrileña, which holds a 0.5% stake through 622,000 shares, with a market value of 13 million euros.

By technical analysis, "the title could not be more bullish regardless of what happens in the short term. This has no resistance until the all-time highs that it set in November 2007 at 24.27 euros. Little more can be said at this time, especially since what is really interesting is in the guideline and it is too far from current levels, "says José María Rodríguez, an analyst at Bolsamanía.

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