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What Trump takes from you, Trump gives you: Wall Street celebrates cable pickup



Wall street has rebounded about 2% this Wednesday after the reversal of Donald trump. The US president, who recently left the hospital after testing positive for coronavirus, dropped that he was leaving the negotiations for a stimulus plan that everyone was waiting for … and less than 12 hours after he has misfortune and Urge Congress to approve it as soon as possible (with its conditions). The New York indices (Dow Jones + 2%; S&P 500 + 1.79%; Nasdaq + 1.92%) have managed to erase the falls that occurred after Trump's threat

"If they ask me to sign a package of measures that includes aid checks of 1,200 dollars for our citizens immediately, I sign it now, are you listening to me, Nancy?" Trump said on Tuesday night openly addressing Nancy pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

In a later tweet, the US president He referred to other measures that he would support to relaunch specific industries such as airlines or small businesses, but granting them less funding than originally proposed by the Democrats.

Continuing with monetary policy, the Federal Reserve (Fed), led by Jerome Powell, has released the minutes after their September meeting. An encounter that has been marked by skepticism and opposition. Powell's have committed to keeping rates close to zero until inflation is close to exceeding 2%.

According to the minutes, "several" of these Fed officials have opposed the strategy, in part because the guidance could limit the central bank's flexibility. They have also argued that by influencing the market's view of the future path of short-term interest rates, "such guidance could contribute to an accumulation of financial imbalances that would make it more difficult for the FOMC to achieve its goals in the future."

In business matters, Manzana announced a new event on October 13, andIn the one who except surprise will present his new iPhone 12 to the world. At the moment, the securities of the technology company are trading with a rebound of 1.3% after hearing this news.


In the commodity market, the West Texas barrel, a benchmark in the United States, is currently trading with a correction of around 2.5% and falls below $ 40. For its part, in the foreign exchange market, the euro appreciates 0.35% and changes to 1.1774 dollars. And in the debt market, the yield of the US ten-year bond stands at 0.77%.

On the other side of the Atlantic the Ibex has fallen moderately after the heat and the subsequent dialectical reversal of Trump. Finally, in Asia, stocks have closed in green except for the Japanese Nikkei and the Chinese Shanghai composite. The most bullish index has been Australian S & P / ASX 200, which has celebrated the recovery plan that the Scott Morrison Government intends to promote.

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