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Trump has no symptoms of Covid-19 within hours of leaving the hospital



The president of the USA, Donald Trump, no symptoms of coronavirus, almost 24 hours after leaving the hospital, according to an official report from the medical team that treats him after contracting the disease.

The president "had a first night's rest at home, and today you don't report any symptoms"Dr. Sean Conley said in the report.

Trump's "vital signs and physical examination remain stable," Conley wrote. "Overall, he continues to do extremely well."

Trump was released from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday after being hospitalized beginning Friday. The Republican left the hospital Monday. The president himself was in charge of advancing the news through his Twitter profile yesterday, ensuring that feels better "than 20 years ago".

Despite the assurances that Trump has tried to convey about his release from the hospital and return to the White House, maintaining that he feels "really well", the uncertainty about his health is still great. A team of doctors will continue to monitor Trump closely.

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